Testing on the unremarkable, large format film photography

This scene was a test of how well Provia could capture a scene with a “very doable” dynamic range for slide film, from the sky at 1/60 to the wall at 1/40 to the shadows under the soffit and in the bricks at 1/13 and 1/8 respectively. In all, I expected 3 stops of range to render really well and it did. I think there is a slight bit of flare as I’m still not taking the time to use my lens hood.

Camera: Wista 45DX
Lens: Nikon Nikkor SW 90mm F/4.5
Film: Fujifilm Provia 100F expired in Oct, 2004
Exposure: ISO 100, f22, 1/30 seconds
Movements: slight front rise
Developer: Tetenal E6 kit, developed according to instructions in a Jobo CPE-2