Ghosts on the Bridge, large format paper negative photography

Week 29 of #52papernegs

I loved this scene so much. I wished I had a longer lens, but I thought the bright bridge and especially water under it would capture people’s attention and define the subject. I was chasing the dimming light throughout the exposure – I initially metered the hostas to the right of the bridge (my zone 5 subject) at 10 minutes but 8 minutes into the exposure they were reading as needing 15 minutes exposure. By the 12 minute mark they had hit over half an hour of exposure required. The mosquitos were convincing me to leave so I thought I’d just develop for longer and hope this turns out.

The other problem I had is these three fine folk showing up about 2 minutes into the exposure, hanging off the rail and largely not moving at all for the whole time. Ugh…

Could have used a hood for this shot too – the backlit scene caused some flare on this 450mm lens.

Camera: Deardorff V8 8×10
Lens: Nikon M 450mm F9
Film: Ilford Multigrade IV RC Paper
Exposure: ISO 6, f32, 12 minutes
Movements: Some front rise
Developer: Ilford Paper Developer at 1:40 for around 2 minutes at 25 degrees, constant agitation