Morning Lillies, large format film photography

Even though the sunrise had largely ended and the light was getting a bit harsh, I really liked the lillies, pond and the colored rocks far in the distance. I thought using a 120mm lens would help pull those rocks forward. This was my last sheet of Velvia for the trip and in my fridge so I was hesitant to try back tilt for the first time to make it even more prominent.

In the end, I think the shot works and if you look at it for a bit you’ll eventually notice those rocks with the orange on them.

Camera: Wista 45DX
Lens: Schneider Super Symmar HM 120mm f5.6
Film: Fujifilm Velvia 50 RVP
Exposure: ISO 50, f45, 3 seconds
Movements: Full front rise
Developer: Tetanal E-6 kit, processed according to instructions