Weathered beauty, large format film photography

I came across this amazing old warehouse from World War 2 in the town of Vanastra, Ontario. This particular scene really struck me. Initially I wanted the entire bike in the shot but that messed with the balance of the shot so I moved back forward to the original framing. I got this shot and was rejigging to capture another on paper when a dog came around the corner (to camera left) and started barking like crazy. The owner of the dog followed a moment later, wondering what I was doing on his property. I explained my purpose (much to his surprise that his messy yard would interest anyone other than city bylaw officials) and we ended up chatting about his life for the better part of an hour.

Camera: Wista 45DX
Lens: Rodenstock APO Sironar-N 150mm F5.6
Film: Ilford FP4+
Exposure: ISO 125, f32, 1/30 second
Movements: none
Developer: Blazinal at 1:100 for 32 minutes, constant agitation for first minute, stand for 31 at 26 degrees C