Complimentary radar dome, large format film photography

A fellow photographer and I went West to the town of Vanastra, home to a Canadian Armed Forces base during the second world war. It’s best known for this radar dome on the West edge of town. A business is being run in the old building so we couldn’t get inside, but it’s quite remarkable even from the exterior. I really liked the colors of the dome and how they matched the building so well. Though I also shot this in B&W, it’s this color shot of it that I really like.

Camera: Wista 45DX
Lens: Schneider Super Symmar HM 120mm f5.6
Film: Fujifilm Velvia 50 RVP
Exposure: ISO 50, f32, 1/8 second
Movements: Lots of front rise
Developer: Tetenal E-6 kit in a Jobo CPE-2 according to the instructions